The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmidt

The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmidt Book Cover with star background science fiction

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The Witches of Karres is fantastical Science Fiction, full on adventure and a lot of zany fun!  Don’t look here for deep psychological explorations or agonized self-doubt. Oh no! Captain Pausert may start out naive and impulsive, but we get plenty of evidence that he is an honorable hero.  He’s also a man who grows.  He has a sense of humor. What more do you want?  The characters are each delightful in their roles, even the politicians and a certain evil—but that would be too much information.  You shall have fun with the inhabitants of these pages without guidance from me.

The story begins on the planet of Porlumma, where the Captain’s life takes an unexpected turn—very quickly.  Envision this tale as an action-packed roller coaster ride, where anticipation is followed by an unexpected plunge, followed by additional rises and drops. The action slows briefly on the rises, only to take off again with new twists, turns, or maybe a loop-the-loop.

Written with panache and sparkle, the book starts out strong like any good coaster and keeps a good pace most of the way.  Some may find the coaster a little jerky towards the end.  After the final plunge and roll to a stop, it’s kind of like after I’ve gotten off a great coaster and am now comparing notes with the others in my group of fellow riders.  The thrill is behind us, but as we describe our impressions and share our personal experiences with each other, we are also thinking about going again!

Enjoy the ride!


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