Sadie in the Presence of Popcorn

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I had popcorn three times over the last seven days, so I was tempted to wax lyrical about this humble but likeable snack.  It struck me, however, that despite pleasant childhood associations and current enjoyment on my part of popcorn, my take on the subject must be but a pale shadow compared to Sadie’s.  Not that I can get a solid verbal take on the subject from Sadie. Sadie-the-standard-poodle is therefore pictured above at that sublime moment when the popcorn is popped and one of her people has settled into a chair to eat it. We can only extrapolate her deepest thoughts from the photo.  I’m not in the picture, but I am in the recliner, holding a large helping of popcorn on one side, and my cellphone on the other.

 As you can see, Sadie takes popcorn very seriously.  I have seen this very look every time I’ve eaten popcorn in the presence of Sadie these nine years or so!   There is no humor in her eyes.  No twinkle of delight, to my mind.  Perhaps there is hope, and pleading.  Yet (Methinks) I detect a certain amount of expectation, and a hint of steely resolve, as well.  In any event this moment, suspended briefly but importantly in the life of Sadie, seems to be on a replay button in whatever sphere time control is wielded.  There are two probabilities here (in a world of infinite possibilities), to wit, that Sadie will either be given popcorn now, or not… If she is given popcorn, she will eat it and come back for more, so we’ll move on to the next probability, thereby creating some tension and suspense (Me hopes).  What will Sadie do?

I will answer the last query.  Sadie will put her head on my knee and gaze at me with an urgent and questioning mien.  She may tilt her head adorably to one side, as well.  It would take a hard heart to resist this; however, if for some reason she still has not got any popcorn, Sadie will lay down on the ground.  She will gaze up at the popcorn holder feverishly, even desperately.  She will show the world how well behaved and deserving of popcorn she is.  Briefly.  Still no popcorn?  She will stand up, race to the back of the chair, and lay her head over my shoulder.  Our eyes will meet as I turn my head to look at her.  Her eyes will bore into mine as she slightly, questioningly lifts her brows (for lack of a better word).  I will be noticing that our breathing is mingling a little closer than I generally enjoy when the other beings’ diet is mainly dog food. Still, she is so cute! I laugh, and possibly rub her ears.  She’s excited, but still totally serious.  She races back to the front of the chair and does this sort of prancy move–a move horses favor when they are out in a field having a great time.  A move Sadie pulls out as the second-to-last resort in her popcorn repertoire.  She then stops, gazes at me with a look that I think means “You are incredibly obtuse not to have figured out yet that you should be giving me popcorn, but I will explain it to you.”  She starts to do some polite, low-grade barking mingled with noises that sound like groans and entreaties. She stops, tilts her head to the side once more, and meets my eyes.  She seems to be gauging.  “Is the person there really so dense?  That is my popcorn!”

And it is.  About half of it, anyway.

You may wonder if it is all food, or just popcorn, that Sadie is so intense about. Judge for yourself from the photo below. Sadie was soundly asleep as I walked by on my way to the kitchen. I thought it was hilarious that she could sleep in the position she was in.  She was still out cold as I grabbed a few tortilla chips in the kitchen and returned with my phone out, ready to take her picture. I had the chips in one hand and her eyes popped open. I had to  take the shot quickly!  

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It’s probably not pertinent, but I think in the second picture it’s clear why the second part of Sadie’s really-long-official- papered-poodle-name is “Gator.”


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