Lights in the Winter

Craft fireplace, ceramic vase, cozy lights, ersatz fireplace, light strings

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Winters and even the start of Spring can seem long to me, mainly on gray days.   The two things that help are getting out for a walk or other outdoor adventure, and having some cozy lighting.

I don’t have a “real” fireplace, so I made a flameless “ersatz fireplace” with two different kinds of lights.  It was hard to find a container that had space to run the plugs out the back and not over the top, so I was very happy when I actually found the one I did.  I also bought some light-up branches and arranged them in a container.  The light from either of these options is very soothing. 

One of my children gave me a book called The Little Book of Hygge, by Meik Wiking.  It’s about some of the things that help people in Denmark be happy.  You might enjoy delving into it. The first chapter is about Light, and focuses on candles and other lighting.  It turns out people in Denmark burn more candles per year per person than maybe anywhere else, according to the book.  At the time I read the book, I was already using the candle strategy for my Winter happiness.  I usually light a candle in the kitchen while I’m hanging out in the kitchen/dining/family room.  That’s where I usually am in the house, so I enjoy the candle light a lot of the time. I  also like to have a candle burning on the table during dinner.  Still, compared to the candle use described in the book,  my candle burning is miniscule!  

Some years ago, there being a little person running around, I switched to flameless candles for the most part. Initially, I felt like flameless candles were a poor substitute; however, I like them quite a bit now.  I like the light a well-chosen candle of this sort gives off, and I like that I can leave without later panicking when I start wondering at the grocery store if I left a flame burning.  This year I’ve kept one of these on a kitchen windowsill and a few other places.  The little person I referred to previously gave me a lotus shaped tea light candle holder a few years back, and I put a flameless tealight in there that’s almost always on.  He is no longer a little person, but I still prefer using the flameless tealight in the holder.

Light Branches, white basket holder, Easter Bunny, Spring vignette
Flameless candle, windowsill with candle, plants, cozy vignette
Lotus candle holder, flameless candle, Easter Bunny, Clock, Charming Vignette

Now I have a confession to make.  Years ago one of my brothers (brother-in-law to be legally accurate) showed me a fireplace on the television.  I think it was playing on a DVD.  I was disdainful.  It generated no heat.  It was not real.  I scoffed.  I was probably ill-mannered.  Recently when he was at my house and I had a “fireplace” on my television I reminded him of my response to the DVD he shared with me those years ago, and apologized.  He didn’t remember the incident at all.  That made me happy.  I really enjoy my television fireplace now.  It still doesn’t generate heat, but it’s a film of the real thing and has all the flickering and crackling my heart desires.  I’ve got a favorite fireplace “movie” I found on Youtube, but when I access it and all the fireplace videos available are put on display, I’m always amazed at how many people have filmed a fire burning in a fireplace.  All I can say is, it’s a great time to be alive!

As a final note, not very long ago my husband suggested that he buy a slightly larger fireplace for me. Our fireplace was small and very old, so I acquiesced.  He got a larger television for himself at the same time, at no extra cost.


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