Hollow Book

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I snagged this awesome  hollowed out book from one of my children’s stuff-they-were-getting-rid-of-piles.  Truth be told, I thought my kiddo would want it back one day.  Should I accept it’s mine after eleven or so years?  The pile was part of that rite-of-passage that leaving home is.  It wasn’t the only item I kept, but it does have a special hold on me.  I do love this hollow book!

I think the ruse is an inspired idea.  It looks like any old book on the shelf. It creates a sense of mystery. Any time I put something in there, I think how fun it will be if someone accidentally discovers it. Nope, it’s not a secure place to hide things–at least not in a family of readers.  It’s more about the delight of  a surprise. The best part is that my kiddo made it.  It was a lot of work, and I got to witness the stages of its creation.  The picture on the inside is an extra gift; an unexpected touch and  surprise for whoever  discovers it.   I also like that  a few of the first pages were left in place.  I think “Oh, so this is what this book looked like before…”  Coincidentally, one of the front pages has my birth year printed on it as the publishing date.  Serendipitous!

The book itself is one of those Readers Digest books that had multiple condensed books in it.   I’m not  a fan of abbreviating books  like that, so I think it was a  perfect choice for this  project.  Better to get the books in their entirety elsewhere and enjoy them whole.  If, in fact, a book has some pages that can be skimmed or skipped here and there (yeah, I’m thinking of you, Moby Dick!) the reader can then  decide for themselves.

I can’t see this book without getting a smile on my face.  It reminds me of  a certain time, and from there more times, with a person that I love.  Though the book has been hollowed out, it seems to me that whether I put something inside it or not, for me it is never really empty.

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